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"To Akshita,-Our Carpe Diem and C'est La Vie Muse"

Dear Akshita

"Carpe Diem - Savor the Moment, and C’est la vie - Accept the capriciousness of existence!!… These are the two aphorisms that resonate with me, after our soulful exchange last night akin to hopping on a fanciful time capsule, wasn’t it? It’s been a staggering six months since I embarked for the coasts of Luxembourg, and yet it seems like just yesterday we were allies, plowing through the ordeals of life’s trials – exams, undergrad, and all the shenanigans in between.

After all these years, the most uncanny realization during our "I'm Still Surviving Machan!!" salutations was that, despite the oceans between us, we're still in sync, taming life's unruly roller coasters like seasoned maestros.

As we strolled through the kaleidoscope of our reminiscences, I chuckled at the recollection of our midnight culinary capers, conjuring up Maggi and pasta like alchemists in our moms' kitchens. Yet, our conversation took a philosophical turn, like the ever-shifting patterns of a kaleidoscope as we pondered the chasm between our generation – the golden children of the mid-90s – and the pragmatic, cerebral offspring of the 2000s. With the heartstrings of our generation caught in the vortex of logic, are we not losing the iridescent hues of our life's kaleidoscope?

In our quest for the big picture, we often neglect the small joys that enrich our lives. But as we hark back to simpler times, we uncover the treasure of contentment, inner peace, and the bliss of living in the moment. Our forebears found happiness in abundance, despite the absence of modern extravagances. They reveled in life's small wonders, refusing to let the grand scheme overshadow the allure of the present. We could defs borrow a page from their book, like slowing down and ditching the FOMO.

As we embark on our personal journeys towards success and happiness, let's remember to prioritize ourselves without an ounce of guilt. Self-Love and self-care ain't a crime; as we strive to build our #Empires. Our paths are unique, filled with own plot twists and unforgettable #OMGmoments. Embrace the adventure and #Trust life's serendipitous timing. While piecing together the complex puzzle of our lives, let's stay present and appreciate the ebbs and flows, the surprises, and the magical moments that make life worth living. Each piece we collect, from our 20s to our 60s, ultimately contributes to the magnificent, enigmatic #WOWpicture that is "Our life!!"

So.... yo Girl, here's to our shared past and the memories that bind us. To the crazy roller coasters we've ridden, the laughter and tears, and the growth we've experienced together. And here's to the future, with all its uncertainties and potential – a future we'll continue to navigate with humor, heart, and a dash of good old-fashioned #Machan spirit.

With love and fondness,

Your Potato 🥔

#P.S. To the cherished reader, have you embarked on a comparable journey? Have you wrestled with the balance between heart and mind or struggled to cherish the present? Above all, have your heart-to-heart talks with BFFs mirrored our experiences, feeling the reassurance of aligned thoughts?

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