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One Piece Episode 735

On today's episode of bold beginnings, Jenny Smith and I are going to be talking about Pre-Bolus simple concept that not many people learn about. Don't forget the bold beginnings series is all about things that listeners of the Juicebox Podcast wish they would have known in the beginning. While you're listening today, don't forget that nothing you hear on the Juicebox Podcast should be considered advice, medical or otherwise, always consult a physician before making any changes to your health care plan, or becoming bold with insulin. If you enjoy Jenny Smith and you'd like to hire her, she works at integrated If you're liking what you're hearing in the bulb beginning series and want to expound learn more, you're looking for the defining diabetes episodes, and the diabetes pro tip episodes. There are lists of them at the Facebook page Juicebox Podcast type one diabetes. In the featured tab that's a private group with over 27,000 members. If you're not on Facebook, check out juicebox or just search in your favorite audio app.

One Piece Episode 735

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This episode of The Juicebox Podcast is sponsored by in pen from Medtronic diabetes, take the right insulin dose at the right time. The right pen is a reusable smart insulin pen that uses Bluetooth technology to send dose information to your mobile app. Offering dose calculations and tracking in pen helps take some of the mental math out of your diabetes management. You can get started right now within pen at in pen Or perhaps you're ready to talk to a healthcare provider about m pen. Again, in pen Head over there now to hear about the app that has current glucose on it meal history, dosing history and much more like dosing reminders, carb counting support and that digital logbook, lighten your diabetes management load with in pen from Medtronic diabetes seriously, in pen Just head over now and check it out. impendent is an insulin pen that you may pay as little as $35 for offers available to people with commercial insurance terms and conditions apply. But $35 for an insulin pen that talks to an app on your phone and keeps track of things. Not unlike an insulin pump. This sounds like something you want to learn more about in Penn requires your prescription and settings from your healthcare provider. You must use proper settings and follow the instructions as directed. Or you could experience higher low glucose levels for more safety information visit in Penn And just like that, I've gotten the ads out of the way for you. So you can listen straight through to Jenny and I talk about Pre-Bolus. Jenny, our bowl beginning series is going along well. We are making our way through so far we have recorded and put up honeymoon being diagnosed as an adult terminology which came out in two parts. Fear of insulin, the 1515 rule, long acting insulin, time and range like what range is shooting for and food choices. today. We're going to talk about Pre-Bolus Oh, yes. So I hope you're ready. I'm gonna scroll down to people's,

Jennifer Smith, CDE 5:06Well, and usually, I think the first piece of that comes with the rapid acting that we have had around for a number of years already has the idea that rapid means rapid. So when it's prescribed to them in terms of what the doctor or educator has given them an information it's take the insulin, start to eat your food, this is a rapid acting insulin. But we've talked about for rapid is not rapid, I think still needs time,

Jennifer Smith, CDE 7:22yeah, you want to time them appropriately. And I think they're in brings, I think, brings in another piece, potentially, to timing, from initial diagnosis. Most people are told, you don't have to change a thing that you're eating, you don't have to change a thing that you're going to feed your child or your teenager, just remember, you have to take insulin for whatever is eaten. Yeah, well, if if that's the case, then in they're not really transitioning at all from what they had been eating, which may be very high carb or very high glycemic types of foods. But you're also told rapid insulin, just take it before you start eating. As you just said, the timeline there of action is going to be very displaced. And you want to, you want to line those up or overlap them, almost overlay them so that the insulin and the foods start to work better together.

Scott Benner 9:15Well, and that's the other thing is they don't ask you how you eat, you know, they just like don't worry, you won't have to change your over and they're like, Wow, this is great, because I eat Popeyes for lunch. And I have this and I love it crispy chicken sandwich. Oh, it's gonna be like, and so it's a lovely thing to say to somebody and I happen to believe it. You know, I think you can manage insulin for different eating styles. But you can't just tell somebody, oh, don't worry. You don't have to you don't have to change how you eat, but not give them any more context than that so correct that Pre-Bolus thing. I mean, I guess the last thing I'm going to say before I move on to my next thought is that we did the these episodes are in an order for a reason honeymooning happened first because Pre-Bolus thing if you're honeymooning This is gonna look different than if you had diabetes for a while to, you know, so you have to be careful about that. Because you might have, I mean, you see people worrying about it all the time, go back to the honeymoon episode if you don't know what we're talking about. But if your pancreas is still making some insulin, you don't want to like, be out ahead of the charge, don't like, Don't worry, I'll take care of it too. Now we got everybody trying to get your blood sugar

Jennifer Smith, CDE 17:10where to put the insulin with a little bit of good information or attention to the information you have. Right? Had you only had finger sticks, that would have been harder to do? Oh, of course. Right? We we have access to where our levels are trending now because thankfully, a lot of people have access to using a continuous monitor. Right. So that's a teaching piece in terms of Pre-Bolus. And the idea behind it and a comfort level around starting to do it if you've never had that, you know, in your habit before for food is where's your blood sugar, like you said, if it's level coming in or on the way to a place you're going to eat. Maybe you don't Pre-Bolus until you get to the parking lot or until you actually get seated especially you know, if it's more of a sit down kind of place, you have this waiting time. Whereas, you know, if your blood sugar is already heading up, you're going to do something about it, even if it's just the corrective insulin that you take right now. So that you can get some things leveled off before you actually sit down and Bolus for the food. So there's a lot that you can use your CGM in a high level way to learn how to put insulin in in the right place.

thanks so much to Ian pen from Medtronic diabetes for sponsoring this episode of The Juicebox Podcast. Check it out at in Penn If you can't remember that there are also links at juicebox And links in the show notes of the podcast player you're probably listening in right now. And if you're not listening in a podcast player, I mean, can you please subscribe and follow on a podcast app and helps the show and honestly it's easier for you. The episodes come right to your phone and the Phone is right with you constantly. Mine's right here. See, I just picked it up. Everyone always has their phone or just blood sugar's 126 In case you're wondering. So let me just tell you again, because I know there are a lot of episodes of the podcast if you're looking for the defining diabetes episodes, or for the diabetes pro tip episodes there of course, right in your podcast player, just go to all episodes and you scroll around and you can find them or search and find them by searching for something like diabetes, pro tip or defining diabetes. There are also lists available in the private Facebook group, which by the way, is completely free Juicebox Podcast type one diabetes, so not only you're going to find a Facebook group with 27,000 members in it, people just like you who are sharing experiences and ideas. But at the featured tab at the top, you'll find all the lists of not just these series but all of the series It exists within the podcast and there are many. There's even a special website diabetes pro, where the defining diabetes and diabetes pro tip episodes are, even if you just needed to see the episode numbers that correlate with each episode so you can go back to your podcast app and and look for that episode. I may have just made that sound more difficult than it is juicebox diabetes Juicebox Podcast, type one diabetes on Facebook, or just scroll through your podcast app or use the search feature. The defining diabetes series is amazing, as is the diabetes protip series you don't want to miss it. If you've been enjoying these bold beginnings episodes and you want to dig down deeper, those two other series. Those are the place to go. Thank you so much for listening. I'll be back very soon with another episode of The Juicebox Podcast.

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