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The Kingdom of Baron begins to attack the surrounding countries. Cecil the dark knight joins forces with Kain the dragoon, Rosa the white mage, Rydia the summoner, and more to fight against Baron. For FINAL FANTASY IV (3D remake), please click here.


Final Fantasy III (3D Remake) is a JRPG developed by Square Enix in collaboration with Matrix Software. It is a 3D remake of the original Final Fantasy III released on Famicom in 1990 only in Japan, featuring additional story elements and gameplay improvements.

This 3D remake was first released on Nintendo DS in 2006 and was later ported to iOS and Android in 2011 and 2012 respectively. The PC port, which was developed by DotEmu and released in 2014, is based on the enhanced Android version.

Available on Valve's Steam platform, Final Fantasy III is a PC remake of the 24-year-old NES classic of the same name, and an unapologetically old-school JRPG. Though lighthearted and cute, the game is brutally unforgiving and demands micromanagement, grinding, and patience to complete. Final Fantasy III is a solid RPG with novel gameplay elements, but it also possesses archaic features that the series has long since abandoned, and not all of them are charming throwbacks.

Portable Origins and StoryThe Final Fantasy III remake was originally developed for and released on the Nintendo DS, and subsequent rereleases of the game made subtle improvements to the gameplay mechanics and features. Unfortunately, the Steam version is based on the mobile version of Final Fantasy III, which was itself a port of the original Nintendo DS version. This precursor uses the same clunky touch-screen interface and lacks the PSP version's added features.

It felt great to finally have my hands on this lost treasure from Square, and I immediately popped it into my DS when I got home to take it for a test run. I was immediately greeted by a sensationally revamped screen.

Final Fantasy IV has been released in many forms over the years, from the original SNES release, to an updated-with-FMV PlayStation version in 1997, the Japan-exclusive WonderSwan version in 2002, the excellent Game Boy Advance port in 2005, 3D remake in 2007 that originally launched on Nintendo DS (and later to iOS, Android, and P), and finally, the stunning, please-remake-all-the-classics-like-this PSP version from 2011.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy III has seen less distinct versions, but has been widely available on many platforms over the years. Originally released on the Famicom/NES in 1990, this version of FFIII never saw an English release. A planned WonderSwan version never materialized, but in 2006, Square Enix released a 3D remake in the same style they would use for FFIV the following year. This version also started as a Nintendo DS game, before coming to PC, PSP, Android, and iOS (in distinct iPhone and iPad versions at one point), and has been the sole version that English-speaking audiences have been able to play.

If you're a longtime Final Fantasy player, then the first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of Final Fantasy III is the classic 1994 role-playing game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. However, it's now widely known that this was, in fact, the sixth game in the series; it was published at a time when developer Square was muddling up the numbering conventions between Japan and North America, since several Final Fantasy chapters that came out in Japan never made it stateside. Now there's finally a proper English-language version of the real Final Fantasy III, which was originally published for the Famicom in 1990, the very same year that the very first Final Fantasy game arrived in North America for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Of course, this is hardly just a straight port of the original game, thanks to a completely overhauled presentation. With its attractive new look, Final Fantasy III feels like a whole new game. Its gameplay and storyline may seem conventional by today's standards, but in another sense, a game like this goes to show how little role-playing games have evolved over the past 15 years or so.

Final Fantasy III is a fine example of a video game remake done properly. Its presentation is top-notch for a Nintendo DS game, and the classic RPG combat is interesting and deep enough to still hold up well to today's standards. Final Fantasy fans should particularly enjoy tracing some of the roots of their favorite games from the series back to this installment, while taking in all of its new sights and sounds. But just about anyone looking for a traditional role-playing game to take with them on the go should find a lot to like in Final Fantasy III.

Given this is a gussied up Famicom game, the story and its characterizations are more rudimentary than in the 3D remake people may be more familiar with. The world is out of balance, with enemies running rampant and disasters placing innocents in danger. Four orphans raised in the small town of Ur went exploring in a nearby cave and fell into its unknown depths. There, they encountered the Wind Crystal. It bestows upon them the Black Mage, Monk, Red Mage, Warrior, and White Mage job classes. As the new Warriors of Light, it falls to them to aid people across the world and restore balance.

With simple gameplay, sense of freedom and even graphics/sound customization, create and raise your very own party of characters before setting forth across this fantasy world to defeat the monsters that lurk in the labyrinth-like dungeons in this 3D dungeon RPG.

Ascend the throne in a non-linear fantasy JRPG! As the Prince of Achaea, it is your duty to obtain the Mandate of Heaven to continue your family's rule over the kingdom. After assembling a party of four at Ruth's Tavern, you set off to explore the world in search of the Mandate. 041b061a72


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